Edu 692 Week 4 Assignment

2SCHOOL AND CULTURE A school experience that shaped my personal identity was learning math when I was in third grade. Actually most of third grade was a shaping year to me. It all started when I found out that I had Mrs. Ott. My sisters had each had her and from what I understood she did not like either one of them and from what I was told she would automatically hate me just for being related to them. I remember being scared of her, she wore an obvious wig and never really smiled. So what was a 7/8 year old to do, but try to liven up the mood with jokes and tales of that wig? This was a time when we were all desperate to live like a Judy Blume book it only seemed natural to make the teacher the bad guy and hope that we survived the year. I remember memorizing poems and spelling words, I remember selling candy and ornaments for fundraisers. I remember landing a part of Little Pigeon in the school play, Tumbleweeds. I can still sing you the song about Grimy Gulch to this day, if you don’t run away screaming at the sound of my voice first. The one thing that I don’t remember is anything that I should of learned in math that year. It isn’t because I was just can’t remember it is because I didn’t learn anything that year. Up until that point in my schooling I got everything quickly, I didn’t really need help it seemed simple. When I hit third grade though I didn’t get it. I didn’t understand multiplication tables, I didn’t understand long division and I remember cheating off the boy next to me. Some how I passed the grade and moved on to 4

BLENDED LEARNING 2 Blended Learning Blended learning is actually one of the most popular ways of learning. Blended learning is a formal training program in which an understudy learns in any event to some extent through conveyance of substance and direction by means of computerized and online media with some component of understudy control after some time, spot, way, or pace. I read something important in an article that stated, “It is important to note that blended learning is not just about integrating online content or using cool new technologies. As is the case in any quality educational setting, blended learning requires an effective teacher to guide and support student learning” (DK Foundation, 2015). In this essay I will outline the different types of blended learning, explain which theories inform blended learning, identify the advantages and disadvantages of blended learning, explain how blended learning is changing your role as an educator, and discuss how I might use my selected Webtools in the classroom to create my blended learning environment. Blended Learning is less an advancement but rather more it is a characteristic by-result of the computerized area crawling into physical limits. As advanced and online networking turn out to be more common in the life of learners, it wouldn't have been long until learning got to be "mixed" by need. There are six types of blended learning which are: Face-to-face Driver, Rotation, Flex, Online Lab, Self-Blend, and Online Driver. Blended learning can look changed in


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