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Writing can be a hurdle when different external factors interfere with it, namely, tight deadlines, other life priorities, or the state of mind. It could also be due to tiredness, lack of sleep, or boredom that we cannot write a research paper, an article, or an essay. The reasons are various but the problem is only one: no writing is likely to be fully done in any of the mentioned cases. It is worth noting, in this context, that writing is not a simple task that you start doing and upon you finish it, it vanishes from sight and mind. Nonetheless, it is an experience that we have to relish and an art that we have to devote ourselves to.

Do not expect to produce high quality writing, if you start complaining about your writing task. The continuous feeling of reluctance when it comes to writing may not be surprising. You should not look down on yourself when you are stuck on homework, simply because that writing, like many other tasks, should be either done thoroughly or not done at all. There is no middle-ground on this matter. But, do not become a perfectionist as perfectionism is a curse that may be conducive to your failure. There is no perfect essay, yet you can write a good enough one.

Custom Essay - Ethical Or Not?

Relatively, there could be many solutions out there to those issues regarding writing tasks. One of such solutions might be custom essays which students resort to in order to get writing help. First, honestly speaking, if you seek help from a custom essay writing service, it doesn't mean that you are a bad student. In fact, you may want to order an essay for various reasons which have nothing to do with intelligence. We would advise you to seek custom writing services  every time you get a writing task as homework, if we were not honest. But, to put it bluntly, you should be willing to write whenever possible for you. You should resort to custom writing, but do not be dependent on it. Our aim is not only to write your essay for you, but also to improve your writing skills, whether directly or indirectly, for example through reading and re-reading what we have written for you, and therein lies the ethicality of custom writing. Besides, you are not the only one using custom essay writing. Studies revealed that over 85% of English-speaking students have benefited from the use of custom essay writing services at least once through their educational career.

Why Our Company Is A great Choice?

You may want to choose our writing services for various reasons. First, we are a top team of experts whose 10-year experience has led to a long-term professional relationship with our clients. Thanks to our commitment and dedication, you wouldn't worry about the quality of your custom essay as quality is our number one slogan. You might think that our services are the same as those provided by other custom writing companies. But, we just want to let you know that our experts do it with love and devotion. Writing for us is a way of life, not a mere job, that's why we seek the customers satisfaction through being at their disposal for any requested revision, questions, clarifications, or refund- 100% money back guarantee. Its true that you are behind the computer screen, but we treat you as if you were here with us in person.

Our Canada-based company- has flourished over the past 10 years due to the increase in demand for our writing services. Indeed, we don't work for clients, we work with clients, in the sense that we collaborate with them for the sake of achieving the best results. We have delivered more than 10000 written essays for the last 10 years.

Our Process

The process of ordering an essay with us is not that complicated. Just fill out the order form, add your files respectively, make the payment, and get your essay done in a timely manner. Do not hesitate to ask us questions about your project. We remain at your disposal even after the work is done and delivered. Things have to go as the client planned. Our first references are the clients instructions and their attached files. And if you have an outline that you would like us to follow, we would do that with pleasure. So, just sit back and relax, we would write your essay for you following the way you choose.

Our Advantages

Aside from the flexible discounts, we offer you up to five revisions. We would like to make sure that you are 100% satisfied with your custom essays, otherwise, we wouldn't be satisfied either. Your satisfaction reflects our expertise and skills. Hence, your feedback is always appreciated. Added to that, our 100% originality guarantee ensures that we do not provide you with plagiarized content at any cost, which would make your written work more authentic, reliable, and credible, especially if it deals with scientific research. If requested, urgent delivery is always possible and feasible; our native writers are able to handle it with a special care and attention. Feel free to chat with us through the 24/7 support we offer. Trust me, nothing can beat a custom essay from a gifted native writer.

On-Time Delivery

We make sure to deliver your written paper in a timely manner. Deadlines are sacred, for us. We do respect them. You do not have to worry about the quality; our main tenet is originality. Moreover, confidentiality and privacy are part and parcel of our main interests. We care about your personal data; we keep them private and inaccessible. Data protection is a must, as far as we are concerned. No matter what, you would remain anonymous to the writer who would do your writing.

Wide List Of Custom Services

We are specialized in a wide array of areas. Therefore, we are experts in subject areas such as Social Sciences, Literature and Language, Health and Medicine. We are not limited to one type of paper. In fact, we are capable of crafting Term Papers, Dissertations, Powerpoint Presentations, Essays on different niches, Book Reports, Research Papers, and so on. We also employ various referencing styles, namely APA, MLA, Vancouver, Harvard, Chicago, etc. We mainly write essays for Canadians. Our most served countries are the US, Canada, Australia, and the UK. But, other nations are equally important when it comes to writing. We have helped hundreds and thousands of students from different countries.

Perfect Pricing

Additionally, we offer special pricing and discounts. Our essay prices range from 12.43 CAD per page; for high-school students to 16.16 CAD per page for college students, which makes one of the lowest essay writing pricing measures in the essay writing domain. If its the first time you place an order with us, we offer you a 15% discount; if you have gone beyond 10 orders with us, we also offer you up to 15% discount, yet you should claim your discount through our live customer support before placing your order. Through our thorough and meticulous management, we have been able to reduce the prices to make sure that our essays are affordable. We ensure you that we can offer free revision and editing within 30 days. Therefore, within that period of time, we can rewrite your paper under request.

10 Years In Business

Our company has been set up over 10 years ago just to handle your homework assignment with special care. We are here to undertake your pre-writing, writing, and post-writing tasks. All you have to do is place your order, receive your paper via email by the deadline, review it, attribute it to yourself and submit it.

My essay was finished earlier than i expected. I am really happy with turnaround time and quality of my paper.

I enjoy working with these guys, A+ paper as a result. Thanks guys!

Really fast support team reaction to my order.

An Essay Writing Service that does it all!

We are the leader in the writing service industry for good reason. We offer every type of writing product that might be needed by anyone; we have the finest and most highly qualified researchers and writers in this business; and we have the customer support and the benefits that cannot be matched by any other service. It’s really as simple as this – we have spent the past 10 years developing the best essay writing service on the planet, and now you can reap the results of our hard work!

Read this to understand all that we can offer to you.

Our Products

We began as a writing service for students, and we continue to be the single source for students no matter what their product needs may be. But we have also expanded our essay writing services over the years to include the type of writing products that other groups of professionals and business owners may need. Here is a breakdown of the products you may confidently order from

Academic Writing – More than Just Essay Writing

Are you an undergraduate student with a tough essay assignment and no time to write it? Are you a grad student who needs help with a thesis or dissertation - help that can only come from a Ph.D. in your field? Then you are at the right place. Here is a listing of the most commonly requested products:

  • Essay and paper writing service provided by degreed and qualified researchers and writers – any topic and at any academic study level
  • Case studies, lab reports, and research proposals and projects
  • Difficult and complex course assignments in math and science fields

Again if you do not see your product need listed here, just contact us – this list is by no means comprehensive, but we can guarantee this: our essay and paper writing services cannot be equaled by any other writing service that exists today.

Career Writing - Yes, We Offer This as Well!

Are you looking for your first job out of school? Are you a career professional looking to make a change? Are you a researcher who needs a scholarly piece of writing for publication or a grant proposal? We do it all!

Because we have specialized departments of writing, and because all of our writers are placed into those departments based upon their credentials and experience, we can now assign the perfect pro to meet your career writing needs. Here is the short list of our product offerings:

  • Resumes, CVs and cover letters that are designed and composed based upon the specific companies or organizations to which you are applying. This means that our HR and scholarly pros do the research, find the keywords, and weave your background and qualifications into a resume or CV design that utilizes all of the latest strategies to get your document noticed and read.
  • Grant writing is another area of high demand. We have specialists who do nothing but write grant and research proposals. With their years of background and experience, they can take your guidelines and produce the proposals that will get results.

Business and Ecommerce Needs

Not only do we have pros from the world of business, but we have a full staff of bright, young and tech savvy design and writing teams to meet any need. If you need any of the following, we have the ability to provide it. Read on!

  • Business plans and proposals, reports, marketing materials, manuals and any other type of writing that managers and executives need
  • Web design and content that will engage our visitors, keep them on your site, and keep them coming back for more
  • Content marketing strategies that will spread your brand and include blogs, social media profiles and content, email marketing and more, using the latest SEO strategies

Our Professional Essay Writers

We have taken the time to recruit, screen, test and employ only the best. When you submit an order for a product, we analyze it and go into our cadre to find the best fit for the project. Writers are all categorized and assigned based on the following:

  • Degree and academic credentials
  • Level of degree- Bachelors, Masters or PH.D.
  • Scores on written tests they have taken to qualify
  • Year of writing experience

Whether you need a basic essay writer for a high school English assignment, consultation on a dissertation, a website re-design or anything in between, we are the only writing service that can do it!

Read on: Our Customer Support and Benefits

Here are the advantages that every customer has:

  • Customer service 24/7/365 – by chat, messaging or telephone
  • Direct contact with your writer
  • Guarantee of original, custom products that meet all of your instructions – all of this is checked by Quality Control before it is sent to you
  • Guarantee that your deadline will be met
  • Guarantee of confidentiality
  • Secure payment process
  • Ownership of products received
  • Free revisions until satisfied

The Point is This: is the only essay writing service you will ever need


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