Biblical Worldview Essay On Romans 1-8 Natural World

Biblical worldview essay

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Tim Brooks
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Biblical Worldview Essay

Introduction In Paul’s epistle to the Romans he gives us the foundation of Christian life in regards to how we should not only see the world, but also how we should act in a world that rejects the gospel of Christ. In Romans 1-8 Paul teaches us how we are not able to come to a saving grace through our works, but that it must come from Christ alone, and not only to the Jews, but to the Gentiles also. Paul tells us however, that this will not be easy, but we that we need to remember who is ultimately in control of everything around us.
The Natural World Paul makes it clear that the world was created by God and that we are without excuse if we choose to deny that. Romans…show more content…

What we could not do for ourselves Jesus went to the cross to do for us.
Human Relationships Our relationships with other people give a strong sense of what our relationship with God is like. How we interact with people on a daily basis and the relationships that we build goes a long way in showing just how we feel about them. In Romans 1:10 we see that Paul wanted desperately to come to Rome to teach, to interact, to fellowship, and build relationships with the Christians that were there. Just as God wants a personal relationship with His creation we all feel a deep need for relationships with each other. It was not meant for man to go through life on his own without being able to interact with each other. We see the genuine love that Paul displayed toward the people and churches throughout his epistles and it should make us want to have an even stronger relationship with our Creator.
We’ve heard it said before that we are products of our environment or culture. The culture of Rome in biblical times was much like the culture of a large city today. They had not only accepted the wicked lifestyles that were being practiced, but they were also approving the practice of such things (Rom 1:32). We can see a lot of the same things going on in our time and our world that was going on in Rome when Paul wrote this epistle. We are quickly heading down a path towards the same destruction

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BIBLICAL WORLDVIEW ESSAY ROMANS 1–8 2Biblical Worldview Essay Romans 1–8IntroductionA worldview represents a conception of the world held by individual(s). It is derived from the socialization process that one undergoes. As a Christians we have individually have derive our worldview from the Bible. The Bible is a powerful source of information that molds and shapes our Christian beliefs about particular issues in the world. For instance, with regard to the issues of the natural world, human identity, relationships, and culture, we as Christians derive our beliefs from the book of Romans.Apostle Paul in Romans 1-8 has been instrumental in shaping our Christians’ beliefs in the four areas mentioned above. Natural WorldThe book of Romans reminds Christians about the origin of natural world. It emphasizes that God created the natural world. In Romans 1: 20, the Bible says this about natural world: “for since the creation of the world God’s Invisible qualities – His eternal power and divine nature- have been clearly seen.” The biblical verse portends that God reveals himself to His people through creations. Therefore, those who commit evil against nature sin against Him. As a Christians I think we will not have an excuse in the Day of Judgment because God was always around us and we never accepted Him. The practical implication of this teaching is the fact that itcreates a moral basis for handling issues on environment. I believe people will regard the natural world as secret because we believe God lives in it and the fear of the last Day of Judgment wouldshape our actions towards nature. This letter by Apostle Paul has a great impact on Christians’ ethics because it shapes our systems of beliefs and values. It is a very effective teaching that can help in resolving some of the challenges facing the natural world in the modern society we live in. It offers a set of beliefs that can actually be used in management of our nature.


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