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Muir Move-In & Check In 2016

Welcome to Muir College! We are incredibly excited to welcome you into our community! 

Please print your Qwik-Pass from your computer and bring it with you because it is absolutely necessary for you to have this and a picture ID to check-in. Parents and friends may NOT check in sons, daughters, or friends! Only students may check themselves in and pick up their room keys. If you are under 18, you must also present a completed "Under 18 Minor's" form to check in. No waiver form, no check in.

All students that are under 18 are required to submit a Waiver and Release of Liability in order to check in.  The waiver can be downloaded here.

Some Quick Move-In Information

  • Room assignments will become available on the Housing Room Assignment web page by the end of August.
  • Please contact your roommates as soon as possible to discuss living styles in order to avoid "Roommate Ruin".
  • Please note your assigned check-in time, as you will not be allowed to check in prior to that time. Your room assignment also gives you a bed assignment which you must honor out of respect for your roommates.
  • Residents MUST print out their Qwik-Pass. This must be presented with your picture ID in order to check in. You must check in yourself! There are no exceptions to this policy
  • If you are under 18 years of age at check-in, you must have this form completed and signed by your parents or guardians in order to check in.
  • All residents must check in no later than the Tuesday (September 22nd) before the start of classes on Thursday, September 24th

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              A.       UC San Diego Policy andProcedure Manual (PPM)


230-11          Maintenanceof, Access to, and Opportunity to Request Amendment of Academic PersonnelRecords


230-29          Policies andProcedure to Assure Fairness in the Academic Personnel Review Process


480-1            University Policy RegardingRecords


480-2            Legislation AffectingUniversity Records


480-3            Responsibilities &Guidelines for Handling Records Containing Information about Individuals


480-4            Public Records


460-5            Misuse of UniversityResources, Fraud, and Other Financial Irregularities


B.        PersonnelPolicies for Staff Members (PPSM)

80                Staff Personnel Records


C.University ofCalifornia Policies Applying to Campus Activities, Organizations and Students


D.UC San Diego Policiesand Procedures Applying to Student Activities


E.        University Policy, Guidelines, and LegalRequirements on Privacy of and Access to Information, Business FinanceBulletin, RMP 8


F.University of California PoliciesApplying to the Disclosure of Information from Student Records Section 130.00.


G.Information PracticesAct, California Civil Code 1798 et. seq.

H.California PublicRecords Act (1977)


I.California Penal Code,Section 502 Computer Crimes


J.Federal FamilyEducation Rights and Privacy Act, 20 United States Code 1232g


K.Federal Electronic CommunicationPrivacy Act of 1986.


2.            POLICY


A.          Disclosureof Information from Student Records is generally governed by the Federal FamilyEducational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), the State of California EducationCode, and University of California Policies Applying to the Disclosure ofInformation of Student Records (Revised July 20, 2010) (University Policy).This Policy applies only to records pertaining to students in their capacity asstudents; it is not applicable to other records which are maintained for otherpurposes. See section III.M.2 for records which are not covered by this Policybut the disclosure of information from which is governed by the CaliforniaInformation Practices Act (IPA).


The purpose ofUniversity Policy is to provide reasonable interpretations of FERPA and toprotect the Student’s right of privacy as guaranteed by the Constitution of theState of California andthe IPA. When the law is silent, UniversityPolicy provides that UC San Diego Officials and Department Records Custodians shallbe guided by two principles: (1) the privacy of an individual is of greatweight, and (2) the information in a student's file should be disclosed to the studenton request.


B.           Inimplementing FERPA, University Policy has elected to consider the University asthirteen separate institutions, rather than as a single entity. The thirteeninstitutions are the nine general campuses, including UC San Diego, plus onehealth sciences campus, and three Department of Energy Laboratories operated bythe University. Therefore, except with the student’s consent, PersonallyIdentifiable Information contained in Student Records maintained by UC San Diegomay only be disclosed to the other facilities in compliance with UniversityPolicy Section 130.70 and Section IX.A of this Policy. Such information may be disclosedby UC San Diego Officials to the Office of the President, as permitted byUniversity Policy Section 130.721 (a) (2) and Section IX of this Policy.


C.          ThisPolicy supersedes previous UC San Diego Policy governing its subject matter andincorporates the requirements of FERPA and University Policy, as amendedthrough July 20, 2010.


3.            DEFINITIONS

            Thefollowing terms are defined for purposes of this Policy.


A.           Attendance:The term "Attendance" as used in the FERPA is synonymous with theterm "enrolled in or registered with" as specified in this Policy.


B.           Campus:The term "Campus" means UC San Diego or the University of California,San Diego.


C.           UCSan Diego Official or University Official: The terms "UC San DiegoOfficial” or “University Official" mean any individual designated by UC SanDiego or the University to perform an assigned function on behalf of UC San Diegoor the University of California, respectively.


A Campus or UniversityOfficial may be:


1.A personemployed by UC San Diego or the University in an administrative, supervisory,academic, research, or support staff position;


2.A personserving on a UC San Diego or University governing body;


3.A person employed by, under contract with, or havingentered into an agreement with UC San Diego or the University to perform aspecial task, such as an attorney, an auditor, or a volunteer; or


4A studentserving on an Official committee, such as a disciplinary or grievancecommittee, or assisting another UC San Diego or University Official inperforming his or her tasks.


D.           DirectoryInformation: The following has been designated by UC San Diego as"Directory Information" for purposes of this Policy: a student'sname,  e-mail address, telephone numbers, date and place of birth, major fieldof study, dates of attendance, grade level, enrollment status (e.g. paid orunpaid enrollment, undergraduate, full-time or part-time), number of courseunits in which enrolled, degrees and honors received, the most recent previouseducational institution attended, participation in officially recognizedactivities, including intercollegiate athletics, and the name, weight, andheight of participants on intercollegiate UC San Diego athletic teams. 


E.           DepartmentRecords Custodian: The term “Department Records Custodian” means the Departmenthead or the UC San Diego Official who is responsible for maintaining any StudentRecords collected and maintained by that Department.

F.           Disclosure:The terms "Disclosure" and “Disclosed” means to permit access to orthe release, transfer, or other communication of Personally IdentifiableInformation contained in a Student Record, to any party, by any means,including, but not limited to, oral, written, or electronicmeans.


G.           FERPA:The term, "FERPA" means the Federal legislation known as the FamilyEducation Rights and Privacy Act, 20 U.S.C. 1232g.


H.           FinancialAid: The term “Financial Aid" means the provision of financial resourcesto students, based on the strength of their academic achievements, or on thestrength of financial need, or on a combination of the two.

I.             LegitimateEducational Interest: As determined by UC San Diego, a UC San Diego Official orUniversity Official has a “Legitimate Educational Interest” if the informationrequested is relevant and necessary for that Official to do any of thefollowing:


1.      Performa task or determination that is an employment responsibility or is a properlyassigned subject matter for such Official, including but not limited toinformation requested by a UC San Diego Official working for the UC San DiegoAlumni Association in performance of a task or determination related to theiremployment responsibilities, and requests from University and Campus Counselfor information needed in connection with the performance of theirresponsibilities to the University;


2.      Performa task thatis related specifically to the Official’s participation in the student'seducation;


3.      Perform a task that is relatedspecifically to the discipline of the student; and


4.      Providea serviceor benefit relating to the student or student's family such as health care, counseling,job placement, or Financial Aid.


J.            PersonallyIdentifiable Information: The term "Personally IdentifiableInformation" means any information that identifies or describes a student.It includes, but is not limited to, a student’s name, the name of a student’sparent or other family members, the address of a student or student’s family, anypersonal identifier such as a student’s social security number, and anypersonal characteristics or other information that would make a student’sidentity easily traceable. Personally Identifiable Information is divided intotwo categories:


1.         DirectoryInformation, which may be disclosed to any party without the prior writtenconsent of the student to whom the information pertains, except as specified inSection VIII.A. of this Policy and University Policy Section 130.710.


2.         Confidentialinformation which may not be disclosed to any party without the prior writtenconsent of the student to whom the information pertains, except as specified inSection IX of this Policy and University Policy Section130.720.


K.           PPM: The “PPM” means the UC San Diego Policy and Procedure Manual.


L.           Record:The term “Record” means any information or data recorded in any way, including,but not limited to, handwriting, print, computer media, audio tape, video tape,film, microfilm, microfiche, or any electronic storage or retrieval media.


M.          Student:The terms "Student" means an individual for whom UC San Diegomaintains Student Records and who: (a) is enrolled in or registered with anacademic program of UC San Diego; (b) has completed the immediately precedingterm, is not presently enrolled, and is eligible for re-enrollment; or (c) ison approved educational leave or other approved leave status, or is onfiling-fee status.


N.           StudentRecord: The term "Student Record" means those records that contain informationdirectly related to a student and that are maintained by UC San Diego, theUniversity Office of the President (UCOP), or by any party or organizationauthorized to act on behalf of UC San Diego or UCOP.


1.         “StudentRecords” include, but are not limited to, admission records of a Student afterthe student has enrolled, academic evaluations including student examinationpapers, transcripts, test scores and other academic records; general counselingand advising records; disciplinary records; and Financial Aid Records, includingstudent loan collection records.


2.         “StudentRecords” do not include the following records, and, therefore,suchrecordsare not governed by this Policy.


a.      Records ofinstructional, supervisory, and administrative personnel and educationalpersonnel ancillary to those persons, which:


(1)       Are kept inthe sole possession of the maker of the record; and


(2)       Are notaccessible or revealed to anyother individual, except to an individualwho performs on a temporary basis the duties of the individual who made the record.


b.      UC San DiegoPolice Records which are created and maintained by UC San Diego Police solelyfor law enforcement purposes.


c.      EmploymentRecords, when UC San Diego employment did not result from and does not dependupon the fact that an individual is a student at UC San Diego, provided thatthe employment records:


(1)       Relateexclusively to the individual in that individual’s capacity as a UC San Diegoemployee;


(2)       Are made andmaintained in the normal course of business; and,


(3)       Are notavailable for use for any other purpose.


          All records relatingto a student who is also an employee of UC San Diego are included in thedefinition of student records if the student employment is contingent uponthefact that he or she is a student. For example, work-study program records are studentrecords.



d.      Health Recordswhich:


(1)       Are createdor maintained, by a physician, psychologist, or other recognized professionalor paraprofessional acting in his or her professional or paraprofessionalcapacity, or assisting in that capacity;


(2)       Are created,maintained or used only in connection with the provision of treatment to the student;and


(3)       Are not disclosedto anyone other than individuals providing the treatment, except that the recordsmay be personally reviewed by a physician or other appropriate professional ofthe student's choice.


          For thepurpose of this definition, "treatment" does not include academic andcareer advising, tutoring, disability management counseling, or any activitieswhich are part of the program of instruction by UC San Diego.


e.      ApplicantRecords of individuals who do not enroll in or register with an academicprogram of the University. If and when applicants become students, their ApplicantRecords become Student Records, which are then accorded the same privacy rightsas any other Student Records governed by this Policy. See also definition of “Student”at section III.K of this Policy and section VI on Inspection of ApplicantRecords.


f.       Records (i.e.,Alumni Records) about a person containing only information obtained from thatperson after that person is no longer a Student, or relating to that person andobtained from others after that person is no longer a student.


3.      Theterm “Student Records” as used in these policies is synonymous with the term“education records” in the FERPA.


O.           UCSan Diego: The term "UC San Diego" means the University ofCalifornia, San Diego.

P.           University:The term "University" means the University of California.




A.        UC San Diegoshall annually provide notice to students of their rights under this Policy andFERPA, including notice of the categories of Personally IdentifiableInformation designated by UC San Diego as Directory Information.


1.        Such notification shall be published in the quarterly schedule ofclasses or other Official UC San Diego publications in a manner that willprovide students with clear and specific information regarding their rights.

 2.     TheUC San Diego Registrar shall be responsible for the publication of the noticeprovided for above.


B.        Thenotification shall include a statement that each student has a right to:


            1.      Refuseto permit any or all of the categories of Personally Identifiable Informationbe designated as Directory Information with respect to themselves.


2.      Inspect andreview the student's own records;


3.      Requestcorrection of the student's own records;

4.Grievean alleged violation of privacy rights, as specified in this Policy;


            5.      HavePersonally Identifiable Information contained in Student Records not be disclosedwithout a signed and dated written consent that specifically identifies:


a.   The records to be disclosed,


b.   The purpose of thedisclosure, and


c.   The party or classto whom disclosures are to be made. Consent is not required for those disclosuresauthorized by sections VIII and IX of this Policy; and


            6.      Filewith the United States Department of Education a complaint concerning allegedfailures by UC San Diego to comply with the requirements of FERPA; and

           7.      Beinformed where copies of Student Records policies are located and obtain acopy.




A.        With theexception of the records listed in Section V.F., below, students shall bepermitted to inspect and review their Student Records within a reasonableperiod of time, but in no case longer than forty-five (45) days after receiptof the student's request.


B.        Students shallbe entitled to a response to reasonable requests for explanations andinterpretations of the records.


C.        The DepartmentRecords Custodian shall comply with written requests from students for copiesof their records when failure to provide copies would effectively prevent themfrom exercising the right to inspect and review their Student Records. Forexample, UC San Diego shall provide copies of a Student's Record if the studentdoes not live within commuting distance of UC San Diego.


D.        A fee of $0.10per pagemay be assessed and collected for copies of records requestedby a student, unless the imposition of the fee effectively prevents a studentfrom exercising the right to inspect and review the student's own records. Nocharge may be made to search for or to retrieve any Student Record.


E.        A copy of thelist of the types and locations of Student Records and the titles and addressesof the Officials responsible for the records is maintained by the Registrar’sOffice and is available for inspection in the Office of the Registrar. StudentRecords shall not be destroyed if there is an outstanding request to inspectand review them. If there is no request pending, the records may bedestroyed pursuant to the UC San Diego Records disposition schedules. See PPM 480.


F.        The following StudentRecords are not subject to inspection and review by students:


1.      Financial Recordsand statements of the student's parents or guardians or any informationcontained therein. Information from the “Parents' Confidential Statement,” orequivalent information, may be disclosed to the student on condition that theproper authorization has been signed by the parent(s) or guardian(s).


2.      ConfidentialIetters and statements which were placed in Student Recordsprior toJanuary 1,1975, provided that the letters and statements are used only for thepurposes for which they were specifically intended.


3.      Confidentialletters and statements of recommendation which were placed in a Student'sRecords after January 1, 1975, with regard to admission, application foremployment, or the receipt of an honor, if the student has waived the right toinspect and review those recommendations.


4.      Recordscontaining Personally Identifiable Information about other students. If StudentRecords contain information on more than one student, students may inspect andreview or be informed of only the specific information which pertains tothemselves, except as specified in Section IX.A.10. of this Policy.


G.        Procedures


1.     The student must submita written request to the department maintaining records.


2.        Uponreceipt of the written request, the Department Records Custodian shall removeinformation that is not subject to student's inspection, as specified inSection V.F., above, and inform the student that such information has beenremoved.


3.        TheDepartment Records Custodian shall make the requested information available forstudent's review within forty-five (45) calendar days after receipt of the student’srequest.


4.        Exceptfor academic transcripts, the department may collect fees of up to $0.10 perpage for any copies requested by student. (Transcript fees are not limited to$0.10 per page; see section XI. of this Policy.)





Privacy of and accessto admissions records of applicants who do not subsequently become students arenot covered by this Policy because such records are not defined as Student Records(see Student Records definition at Section III.N.2.e. above) but are subject tothe policies and procedures found in the University of California Business andFinance Bulletin, Records Management and Privacy Series, and the IPA.Information about those policies and procedures may be obtained from UC SanDiego’s Information Practices Coordinator.




A.        Subject to thelimitations of this Section and Section V.F. above, a student may waive, or maybe requested to waive, any of his or her rights of access to student confidentialrecommendations or evaluations regarding admission, application for employment,or the receipt of an honor. Such a waiver must be voluntary, and may not berequired as a condition for admission to UC San Diego or the receipt of anyother service or benefit from UC San Diego. Any such waiver must be in writingand signed by the student. students may waive their rights to inspect andreview either individual documents or classes of documents (e.g., part or allof an admission or career placement file).


1.      Studentsshall be notified upon request of the names of all individuals providingconfidential letters and statements of recommendation to which the student haswaived right of access.


2.      Suchrecommendations retain their confidentiality only if they are used for thepurpose for which they were originally intended. If used for other purposes,the waivers are void and the documents may be inspected by students.


B.        No student maybe required to sign a form saying that he or she has not waived access to anyconfidential recommendation.


C.        A waiver may berevoked in writing for records which will be obtained or received after therevocation. Such a revocation shall not affect a Student's access to records obtainedor received prior to the written notice of revocation.


D.        Procedures


1.      TheDepartment Records Custodian shall assure that any requests for students towaive their rights of access to records are in conformance with this Policy. See Exhibit B Waiver form.


2.      Thestudent or applicant may waive access to specific records by submitting asigned Waiver form provided by appropriate department.


3.      Thesigned Waiver shall be retained with the Student Records maintained bythe department.


4.      TheDepartment Records Custodian shall assure that confidentiality of Waivers andaffected records and limitations on Waivers are maintained in accordancewith thisPolicy.


5.      TheDepartment Records Custodian shall notify a student upon request of names ofall individuals providing confidential letters and statements of recommendationto which the student or applicant has waived right of access.


6.      TheDepartment Records Custodian shall retain a statement of revocation of waiverwith the affected records.




A.        Policy


Directory Informationmay be released without a student's written consent unless the student hasnotified the UC San Diego Registrar's Office in writing or via electronicprocedure established by the UC San Diego Registrar, that any or all of suchinformation is not to be disclosed. Other Personally Identifiable Informationmay be disclosed only upon the student's written consent, except as specifiedsection IX. of this Policy.


1.      Studentsshall be informed at the time of enrollment in, or registration with, any UCSan Diego academic program, and at least annually thereafter, of their right torefuse to permit any or all of the categories of Personally IdentifiableInformation to be designated as Directory Information with respect to themselves.


2.      Studentsshall notify the UC San Diego Registrar's Office in writing, or by theelectronic procedures established by the UC San Diego Registrar, no later thanthe last day for payment of enrollment fees for each Academic Quarter or theAcademic program, such as Summer Session or University Extension courses, thatany or all of the categories of Personally Identifiable Information related tothe student are not to be designated as Directory Information. Within areasonable period of time after receipt of such notification, information sodesignated may not be released for publication or to individuals not employedby UC San Diego without the student's written consent, except as otherwisenoted in section IX. of this Policy.


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