Ldr 300 Week 4 Team Assignment Tracking


Bale-ni$C) A,,ording to resear,h one way women ,an advan,e in leadershipis

@y a,ting mas,uline and assertive and not in feminine ways)

@y 'lending individuali-ed ,onsideration with inspirationalmotivation)

@y strongly resisting stereotype threats)

@y leading in a more demo,rati, manner than men)) &n the s$ills model whi,h of these is a general ,ognitive a'ility

Pro'lem2solving s$ills

&nformation pro,essing


nowledge*0) Although there are ,lear di>eren,es 'etween management andleadership

4anagement is more valued than leadership)

 1here is little resear,h to support one or the other)

Leadership is more valued than management)

 1he two ,onstru,ts overlap)**) 4ary has managed the mailroom for / years) 4anagement views4ary as a person with spe,ial leadership talent su,h as intelligen,eso,ia'ility and determination) #hat approa,h is management usingin assessing 4ary

 1rait approa,h

4anagerial grid approa,h

LEADERSHIP AND POWER PAPER 2 Leadership and Power Paper Ho Ching was an influential leader as with the industrialization in the country, the organization that she lead, Temasek Holding, grew about 50%. The most influential thing she had in her power was the open policy in which employees can come anytime with the problems and can give the solutions if any problem is arising in the company. The role of leader is to grow the output of the company, and Ho Ching was successful in it. During her tenure, she grew the company globally in which she did expansion in many countries, latest in India. She has the aggressive nature as she always has the healthy discussion with her husband who was the Prime Minister of Singapore. Ho Ching was an influential leader as she was analytical in her approach towards work. She disclosed annual reports of the company in such a way that look attractive to people. The main reason behind the influential leader is she had complete authority and control of the multibillion dollar portfolio of the company. She was confident in disclosing the financial statements to the stakeholders of the company in a way that is attractive for investments. In this way, I would describe Ho Ching as an influential leader of the company as well as of the country. The tactics Ho Ching’s used in the company to influence the behavior of others are collaboration, inspirational appeal, logical or rational persuasion, and consultation. Collaboration


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