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With our guide to simple family card games, your gang will be shuffling, dealing and tallying scores in minutes flat!

They may know how to play Minecraft and Super Mario World, but do your kids know how to play a game of Rummy or Rolling Stone? It’s never too late to get back to basics.

Here are 12 classic card games your kids will love from the get go!

1. Crazy Eights

A game that requires both focus and patience, in Crazy eights concentration is key. The winner is the clever shark who gets rid of all his cards first!

Ages: 5 +

2. Snip, Snap, Snorem

Kids love this noisy and energetic game and will jump at the chance to play it over and over again. With such a cool name, who can blame them?

Ages: 5 +

3. Go Fish

The perfect way to learn about numbers, and patterns, this is a great ‘first’ game for little ones who love the thrill of winning.

Ages: 4+

4. Rummy

For the more advanced card player, Rummy can be played in a number of different ways with rules to suit different age groups. Kids can beat their mates and then challenge the grown-ups.

Ages: 7+

5. Pig

Collect four-of-a-kind in this quick and rather hilarious game for kids of all ages. Get ready for laughter aplenty.

Ages: 5 +

6. Beggar My Neighbour

To win this game, you must collect as many cards as possible from your opponents. How much will you make your friends pay? Well that depends on the luck of the draw.

Ages: 6+

7. War

The aim of this card battle is to snare the entire deck by always playing a higher card than your opponent. Easier said than done, when the pressure is on.

Ages: 5+

8. Rolling Stone

This card game looks pretty simple, because it is! But beware, just as you’re about win things can go horribly wrong. Excitement plus!

Ages: 5+

9.   Snap

This old-fashioned, fast-paced game is a great introduction to the world of cards. Get set, be ready and fine-tune your reflexes as you set about trying to win the entire deck of cards!

Ages: 3 +

10. Cheat

The key to winning this classic game lies in your ability to keep a poker face. If you can trick your opponent, you’re in with a good chance of scooping the pool.

Ages: 6+

11. Spit

Speed and focus are of paramount importance in this fast-paced card game, in which players are only allowed to use ONE hand.

Ages: 6+

12. Old Maid

Perhaps one of the most popular kids’ card games of all time, this game of pairs is lots of fun … unless you’re stuck with the Old Maid!

Ages: 4 +

Have you ever played the game “I Spy” in the car or with friends? If you have, you probably know how much fun it is! For those who haven’t played it, this is how it goes. One person spots an item. It can be just about anything, from an ant to a car or a building. Suppose the person spots a dog. They would have to say “I spy something with my little eye, beginning with the letter D.” The other players would then try to name things that they can see around them that begin with D. Whoever names the correct thing first gets to spy the next item. Apart from playing in the car, we can also play I Spy in many other places – even online. There are many different types of I Spy games. Some are interactive online games, while others are printable pictures with a list of clues that have to be found. You can even find clue lists to take with you to certain places like around your neighborhood, to the beach, to camp, or museums. Once you read through the lists, you have to check off each clue as you find them. We’ve gathered a bunch of fantastic resources just for you below, where you can find heaps of fun I Spy online games for all sorts of themes, such as animals, outer space, countries, underwater, at home, and more. What do you think you might spy?

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