Chemeketa Nursing Essay

Chemeketa is located in Salem, the capital city of Oregon. A small city with a rich local history, a mild climate, and a low crime rate, Salem is surrounded by the orchards and farms of the fertile Willamette Valley.

About 150,000 people call Salem home and enjoy its tree-lined streets, riverfront park, and convenience to downtown shopping. Every year, Salem hosts the World Beat Festival organized by our diverse cultural community and featuring food, music, and dances from around the world. Salem and its surrounding communities have Latino, Asian, European, Pacific Islander, and many other populations that bring a wealth of perspectives to the city.

Temperatures in the summer may vary from 10 to 25 degrees Celsius, while winter temperatures vary from 0 to 10 degrees Celsius. Most of the total rainfall occurs from November through March. The summer months are generally dry. Although Oregon is best known for the temperate climate and the rain that creates green farms and forests, it is also good to plan for summer heat and occasional winter snow.

Salem is located about an hour from the Pacific Ocean and the Cascade Mountains, offering opportunities for hiking, skiing, and other outdoor activities for which the Pacific Northwest is noted. Portland, the largest city in Oregon, is less than an hour drive to the north. Portland offers a wide variety of cultural activities and Portland International Airport is easily accessible from Salem.

Applicants to Portland/Salem Area Nursing Schools 2014

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  1. 0 I know that it's early, but I really wanted to get a jump on this. I have read the past two years' threads from start to finish and have seen the amazing support given by everyone involved. Considering how competitive it is for nursing school admission, it is extremely informative and heart-warming. I will be applying to all the schools in the Portland/Salem area to which I will qualify. This next year is going to be rough, but ever since I started on this journey I have loved every moment.

    A little about me:
    • I am 33, married, no kids.
    • I live in Salem and have taken the bulk of my prerequisites at Chemeketa.
    • I have been working as a Dental Assistant for 2 years and feel that it is supremely unfair that many of the OCNE schools do not count dental assisting towards their "direct patient care" discretionary points. (I went to school for a year to become a dental assistant. I have dealt with medical emergencies, bodily fluids and have had my fingers in mouths on a daily basis! I'm grumbling, I know.)
    • I have a 4.0 GPA (so far) for all of the OCNE prerequisites (My single B in one of three Chemistry classes will haunt me when I apply to Linfield)
    • I am still one term away from finishing my prerequisites for the majority of the schools to which I plan on applying
    • I don't really think that I will be lucky enough to be accepted to any of the Portland-area community colleges due to my lack of necessary discretionary points (if any of you CURRENT students have found otherwise, I would be very interested to find out what you know!)
    • I will be applying anyway, because I know that I should at least make it onto a waiting list or two and as I have seen in previous threads - they do go through their waiting lists!
    • I sincerely hope that all my hard work will pay off and that I will be accepted SOMEWHERE

    Again, I know this is early, but I look forward to seeing the responses from everyone!
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  3. Oct 7, '13 by RoseCityKittie
    I applied to MHCC, OHSU and CCC last fall. I was not accepted for an interview at OHSU or CCC, but was interviewed and put on the alternate list for MHCC. Unfortunately they haven't gone through the alternate list like they said they have in the past so it looks like I won't have a spot this year so I will be applying again to MHCC. I did all my prerequisite courses there. I can't remember my point total from last year but my GPA is 3.8 and I have all my prereq classes complete which I think adds a point. Good luck to everyone applying this year. For first time applicants all I can say is remember you can't do anymore than you already have, and try not to lose your minds from the stress.
  4. I don't think it's too early! I have been reading forums, calculating points, weighing odds and pulling statistics for like a year! I'm sure everyone thinks i'm nuts, but that's just how much nursing school means to me. I decided against applying to the community college programs this year because the accelerated programs would still take me less time if I were to have to reapply again next year. I will be applying to Linfield and OHSU. I have a 4.0 in pre-reqs and a B.S. Human Development, an overall gpa of like 3.8 ish, not sure. I have CNA training and healthcare experience. I am bilingual in Spanish, working on Russian. I think I'm a good candidate but the competition is pretty tough! There is a lot of talent out there! Good luck!
  5. Oct 30, '13 by mamakac, BSN
    If y'all have any questions about the OHSU Acc Bacc program let me know! I loved using these forums last year as a resource, and now use them as a student nurse, too. Good Luck
  6. I used this forum as a huge resource as well and now am a student nurse at Clackamas CC. All I can say is I love this program. The faculty is incredible and I am learning so much. One other thing I will mention: imagine how difficult you think nursing school will be and multiply it by ten. It's that hard! But worth it!
  7. How many students in your cohort?? How many schools did you apply to? Any insight for us new applicants? Anything will help--because frankly, this is completely nerve wrecking!!!
  8. Nov 1, '13 by mamakac, BSN
    I have 31 (started with 32) students in my ABSN program at OHSU. I applied to the ABSN and the 3 year program at OHSU, PCC, Hopkins, Duke, and Columbia. I was accepted to all programs BUT PCC and the 3 year at OHSU.

    I think what helped my applications was great essays-- so have as many people as you can edit and proofread your writing. Practice writing especially if you are applying to the community colleges, since your essay portion will be timed! Spend time thinking of clear, concise reasons about why you want to be a nurse, what type of nurse do you want to be, what qualities do you possess that will make you a good nurse.

    Volunteer! Especially with underserved populations. For the community colleges I would get my CNA and work, as that adds in quite a bit of points.

    Make sure you pay attention to deadlines, what needs to be sent in with which application, etc. The little details can be overwhelming in the process.

    I love my cohort and program-- half a term down and I feel like I am in the right place at the right time
  9. Hey all! I'm a Linfield ABSN student that started in the spring this year. I would be more than happy to answer any questions you have about the school and/or the application process. I also took some prerequisites at Chemeketa, and I applied to the 3 year program at OHSU and the ABSN program at Linfield, and decided to go to Linfield! What type of discretionary points are you referring to? Are you applying as a first or second degree student? While grades are very important in getting into the program, I think the content of the insight resume and letters of reference are equally important. Good luck, and let me know if you have any other questions about Linfield!
  10. Hi, RASKL! The discretionary points to which I was referring are the "extra" points awarded by the OCNE community colleges for being a CNA, LPN, EMT, etc., having a previous degree, and the like. I am trying for my first degree and chose to be a dental assistant instead of a CNA and dental assisting does not count as "direct patient care." I plan on getting my CNA this coming Spring term, both as a back up plan in case I do not get into a nursing program this year and also as a potential means of employment while in a nursing program. I had originally planned on applying for the program at Linfield, but I just couldn't justify the enormous cost. I'd prefer to get my BSN with little to no school debt, so in a perfect world, I will be accepted at a community college ADN program and complete the RN-BSN bridge year after.
  11. I'm applying to linfields accelerated nursing program. Did anyone know how heavily overall gpa is weighted? Do they go by a point system?And how many applicants they have for the accelerated program. I have about a3.7 in prerequisites and 3.85 on the last 60 hours of coursework of they consider that.
  12. Quote from shawba08
    I'm applying to linfields accelerated nursing program. Did anyone know how heavily overall gpa is weighted? Do they go by a point system?And how many applicants they have for the accelerated program. I have about a3.7 in prerequisites and 3.85 on the last 60 hours of coursework of they consider that.
    Your prerequisite course GPA carries the most weight compared toy our overall, which will also be considered. I don't remember them going by a point system, but I could be wrong. I'm not sure about the number of applicants for the accelerated program specifically, but overall Linfield received around 800 applications, and the accelerated cohort had 56 spots.
  13. Thanks for the info...I've heard there were about 250 who apply to the accelerated program, but I've also been told due to the cost people elect to go to one of community colleges or OHSU if they have multiple acceptances. I'd rather go to linfield and hopefully have a chance at a legacy RN residency program. Do you know if linfield holds interviews for applicants?
    Also I have a lot of strong healthcare experience but lack in community service, I've been told they consider work and/or volunteering experience hope that's true.
  14. Don't over estimate linfield's relationship with is embarrassing how little that relationship is leveraged in the clinical rotation assignments


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