Living Farm Living City Essay

Why Living on a Farm is Beneficial to Kids

     When I wake up in the morning, I hear the birds singing.  I go outside and the smell of sweet grass is in the breeze.  I will go to the barn to where I feed all the animals, the goats bleat, the chickens cackle, and the rabbits stomp their feet when I come to their cage.  The little bottle baby goat looks for the milk that we bring him every morning. I call for him and he comes for his breakfast.  He eagerly drinks the first bottle of milk and jumps, snorting, asking for more.  When he is done with his breakfast he licks his chops and wags his little tail.  The rabbits all run to the door of their cage knowing that I will soon be feeding them.  I give them some grain and a dish of clean water.  Living on a farm teaches responsibility, teaches about life, and is a lot of fun.  This paper will show you why.


     Responsibility is learned on the farm by taking care of plants and animals.  There are many little jobs to do on a farm.  Animals need to be fed, groomed, and given vet care. They need the right kind of shelter and space.  Cows need to be milked.  Eggs need to be collected.  Some animals will be butchered for their

meat.  Fences for larger animals have to be maintained and cages for smaller animals, like rabbits, have to be cleaned.  Animals need to be given good feed and groomed when they need it.  Some animals with hooves will need them trimmed.  Taking care of animals is a lot of responsibility.

     Gardens also take a lot of responsibilities too. The soil has to be tilled and prepared with some sort of fertilizer.  Seeds have to be planted and the plants that come up will need to be weeded. Pests like bugs and rabbits will need to be kept away.  When the plants are mature, the fruit must be picked and stored or preserved.  It is a lot of work!  Fruit trees have to be pruned every year and fertilized.  They may also need to be sprayed for pests to protect the fruit.  The fruit needs to be picked and prepared for storage.  Taking care of plants is a lot of responsibility.


     Living on a farm also gives a good education.  There are things that are never seen in a city.  Not only are there many of the usual farm animals, there are also many wild animals in the country. There are big blue butterflies, foxes, owls, fish, coyotes and many more things. There are also many different kinds of bugs that a lot of city kids have not seen before. 

     Besides the different animals, there are also many kinds of plants living here on the farm that would not grow in town.  There are star thistle, puncture weed, burs, and all sorts of interesting plants.  Did you know a puncture weed can pop

tires on a car or a bike?  Besides all of the new things to see, a person can learn so much about how our food is raised before it gets to the stores in the city.  Do you know where your meat comes from?  It comes from farmers who raise animals like chickens, pigs, and cows and kill them to sell them to the store where your family buys it and eats it for supper.  Some kids do not know where meat comes from, some think the store makes it and sells it,

     If it hasn't been made clear already, living on a farm is fun!  The benefit of being around all of the animals and watching plants grow is amazing.  There is always so much to do on a farm.  A lot of it is work, but if you love being outside and love animals then the work is fun!  I love to sit with the baby chicks at the end of the day and listen to them peep.  It feels good to know that I am learning something new every day and becoming more responsible.  Living on a farm has given me great responsibilities, an amazing education, and it is so fun.  You should do it too!

By comparing life between living on a farm and living in the city, there are many differences and similarities between the two. Each of these places both has something special and unique about them. The choice for a living place is very individual and depends on one’s personal values. Personally I prefer the farm life, while others might choose to live in the city because they enjoy a

much more busy and social living style. The factors that one must consider before choosing between the two are environments, lifestyles, and family values.</p> <p style="text-align: justify;">However, the beauty of farms can’t be compared with the modern cities today. Farms have more fresh air, have more vegetation, and are more quiet and peaceful. Also, farms are mostly surrounded by a lot of beautiful nature and scenery; such as, trees, mountains, lakes, etc. A person who lives on a farm is more likely to identify and prioritize his/her essentials much more so than his/her desires. For example, a farmer is going to be more concerned about working on the farm all night and day rather than what he/she is going to wear. It is also important to a farmer on how his/her farm will succeed.</p> <p style="text-align: justify;">The layout of the city life is much more modern in style than the farm life. Usually, the scenery in a city is of high buildings, loud, and not as green, but it does offer more conveniences. City life is better described as being at a faster pace, and having peer pressure along with work pressure. In the city, there are a big variety of universities, colleges, schools, museums, theaters, and markets. These days people usually prefer the modern lifestyle. People in the city tend to give their everyday needs the same priority as their materialistic desires. City dwellers can be easily embarrassed if they have an older car or if they have a job that pays less than their friends or relatives.</p> <p style="text-align: justify;">Of course, for most of us though, the relationships with our family members are very important. Usually, the farm dwellers are much closer to each other, because the younger generation is fostered on helping make life on the farm a little easier. Children stay with their families deliberately to continue farming, and to make life on the farm run much more smoothly which makes a very close bond between the parents and their children. However, a parent living in the city can probably have the same kind of bonds with his/her children, but in different ways. An example of the differences can be found people’s daily life routines. City dwellers are more concerned about their own lives; such as their personal needs and maybe reaching their goals by studying in distinguished universities.</p> <p style="text-align: justify;">In conclusion, the decision on one’s lifestyle will be directly based off of the personal needs and values of the person. For some people, it’s more important to live in a healthy environment and always stay close to families and friends. However, city life is more intense and fast. The city has more fascination and material things that people can try to fulfill. But if at some point in life people eventually get tired from the crowds and competitiveness of the city, it may be a good idea to escape to a quiet place, such as the farm life.</p>


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