Importance Of Reading Essay For Children

Reading is essential for a child’s success. All too often, the barriers faced by children with difficulty reading outweigh their desire to read and, without proper guidance, they never overcome them.

Learning to read is a sequential process; each new skill builds on the mastery of previously learned skills. Early on, for example, children learn to break down words into their most basic sounds in a process called decoding. Later, they begin to comprehend the meaning of words, sentences and, ultimately, entire passages of text.

Decoding creates the foundation on which all other reading skills are built. For many, decoding comes naturally, quickly becoming an automatic process. For people who struggle to decode words, however, the process requires such extreme concentration that they often miss much of the meaning in what they read. Indeed, according to many experts, decoding problems are at the root of most reading disabilities.

The following medical and educational facts emphasize the importance of recognizing and addressing a reading problem early on, when a child still has the opportunity to maximize the development of fundamental skills like decoding, and further underscore the importance of early intervention:

  • Roughly 85% of children diagnosed with learning difficulties have a primary problem with reading and related language skills.
  • Most reading disabilities are neurodevelopmental in nature.
  • Neurodevelopmental problems don’t go away, but they can be managed.
  • Most children with reading disabilities can become proficient readers and can learn strategies for success in school.
  • When a child’s reading disability is identified early, that child is more likely to learn strategies that will raise his or her reading to grade level.
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    Reading is Important                  by: Victoria

    Reading is essential. Did you know that reading is one of the most important skills a child can learn because it would be difficult to master any subject without knowing how to read? Reading is an important skill because it helps us in school, helps us understand life outside of school, and last but not least, it develops one’s imagination and creativity.

    In the first place, reading helps us in school. Without having the ability to read, it would be difficult to do homework and even participate in sports! If you need information for a school assignments there are many books, websites, and even news articles to read. If you struggle in math, science, social studies, or other subjects, there are many tutoring books that you can get that will help you during school and even over the school break. Reading skills really come in handy!

    Reading helps us understand life outside of school. Have you ever wondered about what’s around us right now? Like, how the rocks formed and the invention of planes, there is many more to read that you still don’t know about. Have you ever pictured about how your future will look like? If you don’t have the ability to read it would be nearly impossible to get a job. You wouldn’t be able to read numbers, signs, and even traffic lights.

    Finally, reading develops ones imagination and creativity. When we read for pleasure, we are able to let our imaginations go wild. Reading gives us all a chance to relax and free our minds from anything else happening, especially after a long busy day away from home. We don’t only read books, there is also craft books, cook books, and activity books. These types of books give children the opportunity to create and have fun!

    You read everything around you from stop signs to maps to nutrition labels. Reading is an important skill. You’re reading right now! Reading helps us at school, helps us understand life outside of school, and it develops ones imagination and creativity. Sometimes we take reading for granted. What if you got that taken away? Remember, next time you don’t want to read, think about the children and adults that aren’t able to have that ability. “The more you read the more things you know. The more that you learn the more places you’ll go.”-Dr.Seuss.

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